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Google Certified Partnership is proud to be one of the few search engine marketing companies in Michigan that have qualified and been recognized by Google as a Google Certified Partner.

What this means is that the world’s #1 search engine recognizes our expertise in both paid advertising through Google AdWords and organic search engine marketing through Google Analytics. Google only certifies businesses that demonstrate skill at growing client revenue over time, and agencies that pass extensive certification exams for Google Best Practices.

What is a Google Certified Partner?

Google Partners is Google's program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. Marketing agencies and consultants must pass strict requirements for several months while being evaluated by Google to determine if they qualify for Google Partner status. Some of the requirements include:

Why Choose a Google Certified Partner?

Google Certified Partners have proven to Google that they are experts at optimizing Google Adwords and Google's search engine advertising best practices. Because the requirements of becoming a Partner are so difficult, it shows that is qualified to handle your accounts with a higher level of professionalism and efficiency.

How to Verify Google Certified Partner Status

The easiest way to verify that a company is in fact a Google Certified Partner is to visit and do a search for their company name ( or GoProSEO). Any company displaying the Google Certified Partner logo should also have it linked directly to their Partner profile on that same website.

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