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Who Can Get My Website To The Top Of Google

Who Can Get My Website To The Top Of Google?

If you are wondering who can get my website to the top of Google, then the answer is simply GoPro SEO.

Our SEO Experts have been getting websites to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for over 10 years and for over 1000 clients. With a high rankings in Google, your website will generate more traffic and visitors, receive more customer calls, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Getting a website to the top of Google for a keyword phrase that does not generate consistent traffic is pointless. At GoPro SEO we only target keyword phrases that generate consistently monthly traffic both locally and nationally. Whenever we receive a new client we perform our initial keyword research using Google tools so that we have the most accurate traffic information available.

By knowing which keywords produce repetitive searches each month, we are able to target those phrases, and combine that analysis with our SEO strategies. By using a combination of various search engine optimization techniques, we give your website marketing initiative a well-rounded strategic advantage. This makes it easier for us to get websites to the top of Google, and keep them there.

Beating Out Your Competitors to the Top of the Search Engine Results

Have you ever performed a search on Google and noticed how many results are returned? At the top of the results it shows if there are 10 thousand, 10 million or 10 billion results found. Depending on which phrases you’d like to be at the top of the results for, it can take quite a bit of time to surpass the results that already exist.

We take a closer look at those results and determine which search engine optimization strategies were used, and essentially got them to the top of Google. One of the advantages of using a professional SEO company is the experience that our search engine experts have, and can use to analyze your competition.

What Does It Take to Get to The Top of Google?

Google will not release a specific answer as to how to get to the top of their search engine results. Obviously if this was public information, websites and companies with the most money would dedicate their time to implementing exactly what Google told them specifically to do and result websites would never stand a chance.

One thing that Google will do is give clues as to what characteristics it looks for in a website that it is more likely to rank favorably. Website trust is a huge factor when Google considers who’s website will rank at the top, and they determine trust by looking at several factors. The number of links to a website, and the quality of those links help show Google that your site is trustworthy. Google will even look at the age of a website address, how long it has been renewed for, and even factors such as is it a .com, .net, or .org play a part as well.

By serving hundreds of clients for over a decade, we know exactly what it takes to get websites to the top of Google. Browse our SEO Case Studies for proof of how we’ve taken local companies, implemented our search engine optimization strategies, which has resulted in getting their website to the top of Google.

So if you are still wondering “who can get my website to the top of Google?“, give us a try and we will be happy to show you!

Karla Taglioni
Karla Taglioni
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