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[title size="2"]The Proof[/title]
Most Michigan SEO companies will claim they can get you to the 1st page of Google, but can they prove it?

Take a look at these recent examples of how we got local Michigan businesses to the first page of Google within just 90 days of trusting our SEO company with their website marketing and search engine optimization needs:

[seocasestudy title="Case Study #1" image="evidence-singingtelegramsmichigan.png" alt="Singing Telegrams Michigan Evidence" date="09/16/2013" site="" traffic="+284%" previously="12/21/12 - 01/21/13 - 38 visitors" currently="01/21/13 - 02/21/13 - 108 visitors" increaseimg="increase-singingtelegramsmichigan.gif" exhibita="pic-exhibit-a-singingtelegramsmichigan.gif" exhibitb="pic-exhibit-b-singingtelegramsmichigan.gif"]
As you might have guessed, Singing Telegrams Michigan provides singing telegrams for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasion in the Southeast Michigan area.

[seocasestudy title="Case Study #2" image="evidence-face.png" alt="FACE Beauty Science Evidence" date="08/15/2013" site="" traffic="+136%" previously="12/01/12 - 01/01/13 - 1475 visitors" currently="01/01/13 - 02/01/13 - 2007 visitors" increaseimg="increase-face.gif" exhibita="pic-exhibit-a-face.gif" exhibitb="pic-exhibit-b-face.gif"]
FACE offers everything you need to improve your outer appearance without surgery. They have been voted Best Facial by the Hour Detroit and provide fat reduction, botox injections, laser hair removal and more!