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Why Your Website Needs Professional SEO

Why Your Website Needs Professional SEO

If you are reading this you’ve probably ran into many of the common frustrations that come along with attempting to market your website without the help of a professional SEO company. Most website marketing by non-professionals ends with practically nothing to show for all the time and effort that was put into trying to get to the top Google and the major search engines.

We know how frustrating keeping up with all of the algorithm changes and newest tips and ideas of how to get to the top can be. Having your website marketed by SEO professionals can free up your time so that you can focus on improving your business in other ways.

Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Coming Soon or Page Under Construction Pages. Having an incomplete website is extremely counter-productive. Google and the major search engines would rather have only complete pages displayed than multiple coming soon or page under construction pages.  Not to mention website visitors who lose confidence in a company whenever they see incomplete sections of a site.
  2. Avoid “trendy” SEO tips and tricks. A long time ago people used to put keywords in white text, on a white background at the bottom of every page.  It didn’t take long before Google and the other major search engines caught on and began penalizing websites for those methods. Anything that seems like a trick is considered black-hat, and is either currently penalized by the search engines or will be eventually.
  3. Overly High Keyword Density. Some websites think that the secret to getting to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing is to repeat the same keyword phrases over and over throughout their website and web pages. At one point this was an effective strategy until it became highly abused multiple years ago.  Visitors to a website have no interest in reading paragraph after paragraph of content that is extremely repetitive, and neither do the search engines.
  4. Having Inconsistent Marketing. Most do-it-yourself SEO practitioners or marketers with limited SEO knowledge will sometimes try to market a website by doing a month or two of hard work, then think that anything that was achieved will maintain itself.  Google is looking for characteristics that separate your site from the rest of your competitors.  If your website is being consistently updated and marketed, Google will reward one of your competitors that is being consistent with higher rankings.  Not only will your ranking continue to decrease over time, but that initial hard work will be down the drain as well.

Great SEO Ideas

  1. Be Unique! Content is king and Google knows it. Having useful and unique content that separates you from your competition is exactly what will provide long-lasting SEO success.
  2. Use Social Media. If a significant amount of users are tweeting or posting about your site, Google will see the value you are providing your visitors and reward it.
  3. Focus on Your Visitors. Providing useful information to your potential visitors is what it’s all about.  Take the time to think about what your customers would want, or what would be useful to them on your website.  Maybe it’s a frequently asked questions page, or a helpful tips and tricks section.  Creating website features that your visitors will see value in will generate more traffic, more social buzz, and higher rewards from the search engines.

Why Your Website Needs Professional SEO

Our Michigan SEO Company is made up of a group of professional SEO Experts that knows the common SEO mistakes and knows the search engine optimization strategies that are highly effective.  Weeks, months, or years can be wasted while a non-professional takes guesses and stabs in the dark trying to solve the complex riddle of what will get your website to the top of Google?

With over 10 years of providing Michigan SEO Services, and over 1000 marketed websites during that time, we can put that expert knowledge and experience to work for you. Best of all, our results are backed by our 90 Day Ranking Guarantee!

Instead of wasting months or potentially years with a non-professional, let us professionally market your website so you can start increasing revenues and profits now.

Karla Taglioni
Karla Taglioni
Karla is a full-time content writer for and regularly writes blog articles, press releases, social media posts and unique content.