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Frequently Asked Questions

At Go Pro SEO we are delighted to answer all of your website marketing and design questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and our answers to them. If the answer you are looking for is not on this page, please call us at 800.284.3210 or Contact Us

SEO Frequently Asked Questions
?What is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)?
Michigan SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of maximizing visibility of a website in an effort to rank highly on the list of results returned when an internet user performs a search. Search engines like Google look at the hundreds of characteristics of websites to determine which are ranked at the top, and through multiple SEO techniques, we are able to improve that ranking.
?Which Marketing Package Should I Choose?
The main differences between our SEO Marketing Packages are the number of keyword phrases we target, and the number of hours we spend marketing your site each month. The more phrases we target, the longer it takes and the wider audience you will reach. We recommend maximizing as many keyword phrases as you can within your budget to attract the most customers.
?When Can I Expect First Page Results?
The amount of time to achieve first page rankings for a keyword phrase depends on multiple factors, and will vary from keyword to keyword. Typically we see results within only 2-3 months for Michigan-based websites and that’s why we can offer a 90 Day Ranking Guarantee.
?How Will I Know if It's Working?
We provide reports quarterly or monthly that summarize which keyword phrases are ranking highly, and in which search engines. We also provide website traffic statistics to show how much traffic is visiting your site, and from which search engines and keyword phrases.
?How Much Traffic Will Search Engine Marketing Get Me?
Every keyword phrase generates a different amount of traffic, but we only target keyword phrases that generate consistent monthly traffic to maximize visitors to your site. Traffic estimates can be obtained through our Free Website Analysis.
?What Happens if I Stop Marketing My Website?
Search engine marketing is an on-going process that is rewarded by Google and the major search engines when performed consistently. As soon as website marketing stops, your rankings will begin to decrease and your site will eventually be outranked by your competitors sites.
?How Important is Website Ranking?
89% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. If your website does not rank highly, they will end up calling one of your Michigan competitors. 82% of local internet searches follow-up offline via phone or in person.
?Can Template Websites Be Optimized?
Yes, they can be optimized but are sometimes limited to specific types of search engine optimization. Custom websites will typically rank higher than template sites since custom websites have more SEO techniques and strategies that can be implemented into them.
?Who Can Get My Website To The Top of Google?
GoPro SEO specializes in getting websites to the top of Google and the other major search engines. We can get your website to the top of Google by using multiple search engine optimization strategies, and Google-approved techniques.

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